The Expand package is designed for businesses who are large, and who need a bottoms up approach. The package oftentimes focuses on large scale business process plans, where a company will have many automation’s, in multiple divisions of their business. The package is usually geared towards companies that have ingrained business processes that need to be custom built into the system to get the most value. 

Whats Included

– Business Process Consulting

– Data Migration

– Training and online video database

– As many business process automation’s as needed. 

– Layout and view customization

– Custom application integration

– Custom application creation

Is Expand For You?

10+ employees

Operating a mature company that has ingrained processes, but the processes seem to be forgotten 

You feel like the business is slower than it should be because your team does not have a modern,/adaptable way of communicating?

Large business opportunities are being missed because you have no accountability measures built into your system?