BluRoot’s Keys 

Our Commitment To Our People is The Key To Success


For over three years BluRoot has focused on delivering the best CRM systems to our clients, and we love it! No matter the size, complexity, or term, every installation we complete is delivered with a personal touch!


You can ask any of our awesome clients, if your not happy with the installation after the 60 day grace period. We will refund you everything! (Although we have never had to do this) we believe that this is a great way to show our customers that we are 100% committed to them.


We at BluRoot believe that to find the best you sometimes need to look outside of your area code. When working with us you will learn that our team is dispersed across the country and countries, and because of this we see things in a different light than many other companies. Our people rock!


We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and in a multitude of industries. Throughout our time we have learned that best practice is a very loose term, and that every business may have a specific process that works well within their culture. That is why we truly believe that by listening to the customer, you can achieve the best of both worlds, best practice mixed with ingrained business process.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of CRM Gurus

Massimo Ianniruberto


Massimo is President and the head of the business. He is a big fan of basketball, loves automation, and will never shy away from a conversation about CRM

Akber Abbas

Head of Sales

Akber Abbas is our head of business development, master of strategy, and the guy with all the answers. Basically, Akber is our go to guy at the forefront of our projects!

Christian Espejo

Junior Developer

Christian specializes in cyber securities for Bluroot. He has implemented numerous preventive measures on our servers, and has done countless tests for all our developed applications.

Fun Fact: Christian is convinced Carmelo Anthony is the best player in the NBA!

Andy Dang

Head Developer

 Andy is our head developer. He is in charge of all of the hard stuff that goes on in the background! All those custom functions, well, you can thank Andy!

Fun Fact: Andy has funded over 30 Kickstarter Campaigns!

Joseph Wong

Junior Developer

Joseph specializes in app development for Bluroot, He has developed extensive ERPs, and END to END solutions for countless clients.

Fun Fact: Joseph has over 50 pairs of Nike's