Launch Package

Are you a new business that is looking to begin exploring the benefits of an integrated, cloud based CRM system? The Launch package may be just right for you. The Launch package is designed to allow small (start up) businesses get off on the right foot. We have found that throughout the years, many new businesses do not need an intensive or complex installation, instead they need something flexible, affordable, and adaptable/expandable for the future. 

Whats Included?

– Business Process Consulting

– Data Migration

– Training and online video database

– As many business process automation’s as needed. 

– Layout and view customization

– Custom application integration

– Custom application creation

Is Launch Right For You?

-5 – 8 Employees

Currently having trouble capturing and maintaining all leads in an organized manner

Looking for some automated ways to follow up with clients, or keep on track of your sales funnel?

Need integrations between the CRM system and other platforms in order to build an all encompassing system


$1000 – $4000